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He really liked school

He was a typical Kid, doing
all the things kids do.
Are young squirrels called "KIDS" ?

When he went into the service, they didn't
tell him, he was to short, but did tell him that
Even with a BAZOOKA!

He came out of the service in
really great shape.

After trying a few things. He tried his paw at acting and
was told that he was not any good.
Which he didn't accept very well.


He started drinking.      Beer at first.

Then the hard stuff.

Then just anything.

Anything he could get his paws around.

The bottle got the best of him.
So Betty Ford's, got him straighten out.
Praise The Lord!

Then, he found music.
But small instruments was
hard to find and expensive

He got a job on the radio to help pay
for his new found love of music. And was pretty good

He tried many instruments
A Sax this size is not cheep

He liked the banjo. but still looking.

In Squirrel Years he's getting up there

And Squirrelie is quite the ladies man
Squirrelie on the left or "Sweet Cheeks" as the ladies call him

Then he took up Harmonica and thought
and grew old playing his Harp really good.

Then it happen !

You guess it, he wander upon one of my Steel Guitars.
But this thing was way to big.
Then came  Charlie Stepp to the rescue!

That's right, now he is playing steel guitar
Thanks Charlie Stepp  of      Steel Guitars for
this Little
Steel Guitar with his name on it.
Squirrelie is also from Kentucky
and Jim Burden at Bullet Bars  for his steel bar
He Doesn't need picks, how lucky can you be.
And special thanks to our buddies Don Helms
and Roy Ayres for all the lessons

Thanks for looking at my little buddy's life.


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