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Radios of My Early Life

Mom & Dads 1940's GE table    listening to "The Lone Ranger"
First radio I remember
Listen to: WHAS 840, WAVE 970, WTMT 620, WKLO 1080,
 WSM 650, WLS 890, WLW 700, KWKH 1130, WWL 870

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1953 AM Firestone Tube Type Portable ac/dc
3 batteries cost over $10.00 in 1953
Got this for Christmas

1959 GE 5 transistor, ran on 2 AA's
This was my first Transistor radio
Got this for Birthday

1941 RCA model 111K
On Long Wire & Internal Loop
My first taste of SWLing, and I was hooked
Schematic   I change the 6K6s to 6L6s what a sound


Hallicrafter S-22R   not much!
On Long Wire

Hallicrafter SX-42    not to bad
On Inverted "Vee"

Collins 75A-1    A Great Radio
On Long wire & Vertical Dipole

BC-603 Tank receiver
Vertical Dipole or just a peace of wire

1960's  Aircastle
AM / FM / VHF / HF

R390A    Good
On Inverted "Vee"

late70s early 80s GE  "Super Radio I Digital", had one speaker 7-2880B
AM/FM      Still use, Unbelievable on AM & Great Sound
Made today in vernier tuning only - No. 72887 "SUPERADIO III"

Uniden CR-2021
Still use

General Coverage Communications Receiver
Made In: 1983-1984
Voltages: 120 VAC 11-16 VDC
Coverage: 150-30000 kHz
Readout: Digital LCD 1.
Modes: AM/SSB-CW
Selectivity: 3/2.5 kHz
Circuit: Triple Conversion
Physical: 13x6.5x3.5" 5 Lbs.
Features: " Head. Jack, S/Battery Indicator, Attenuator, BFO, Tone, 3 Position RF Gain, Sleep Timer, Two Tuning Steps, Carry Handle, Record Jack, Sweep, Antenna Trimmer, Keypad, 12 Memories, Dial Lamp, Dial Lamp Switch, Antenna Terminals.
New Price: $170
Comments: The CR-2021 can store six FM stations and six non-FM stations for a total of twelve. Operates from six C cells and two AA cells. The Realistic DX-400 is similar, but features an analog S-Meter rather than a LED S-Indicator.

Sangean DT200V AM/FM/TV Portable Pocket-Size Radio
4' x 2
.5' x .75' on 1AA Battery  Still Use

Midland 13-509 & Clegg FM-76
220 MHz FM for 222.82 Repeater in Louisville, KY
My Favorite Band

ICOM 251A  2m All Mode
on KLM 17 element Vertical Beam & A S 23 element Horizontal beam

Drake W-4     /      HeathKit  Keyer         

Drake B-Line

On Inverted Vee

And Today
My how things have changed

Today  YAESU FT897D with AutoTuner / Internal Power Supply / Collins Fillers
On 17 meters at 18.130MHz

Signet EP700

GAP Titan HF antenna
Base@ 7ft  32' to top

HEIL-Goldline GM5 mic

Diamond SX-200 HF  SWR & POWER METER

HF     /  2m   /   1.25m    /  70cm            
  146MHz / 220MHz  / 440MHz    

FT2600M 2MHz on EchoLink & eQSO

Yaesu FT-311MR 220MHz on EchoLink & eQSO

Icom IC-03AT 220MHz /  Icom IC-3AT 220MHz



Comet CX-333

  Diamond D-130J


  25-1300MHzRec) (80-1300MHz transmit)

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