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Don Helms Tribute
of March 8 2009.

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That's right, now he is playing steel guitar
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My Little Baby
1956 Gibson Console Grand D8 Serial No. 63259
E13 on top C6th on bottom

It spent over 50 years in the case

Don Helms played my Gibson in his living room on Wednesday April 4, 2007
Cold, Cold, Heart, was one of the tunes he played
  I miss you Hoss. 

Bill of sale 12/12/1956, Mr. Young got this when he was
8 years old, by picking up corn behind
the picker in Hindsboro IL. a little town between
Springfield, IL and Indianapolis, IN
 He now lives here in Florida

Peavey Nashville 112 Amp
Peavey Vegas 400 Amp
Morley optical volume pedal
I prefer Rusty Thornhill's Perfect Touch fingerpicks
M-20 Zookies thumb pick


 My New Steel Guitar
D - G - E - C - A - G - E - C - A - F
Which is reg. C6th  tuning with D on top and F on the bottom

Billy's  C6th Tuning

String No.

C6th Tuning

String Size

Att. String Size



.017 P

.017 P



.012 P

.015 P



.015 P

.016 P



.016 P

.017 P



.018 P

.020 P



.024 W

.030 W



.028 W

.035 W



.036 W

.040 W



.042 W

.045 W

10th F .050 W .055 W
Billy never pulls the second string
Tune both "A"s a little flat

Some think the Att. is what you should use


Steel Guitar web sites I'm running
Louisville Metro Steel Guitar Club
Manasota Steel Guitar Club Of Florida
Alabama Steel Guitar Association
Southern Steel Guitar Convention in South Carolina
Bob Callaway
Billy Robinson
Joe Turner
Leonard T. Zinn
Lynn Owsley
Danny Hammers


Amp Covers from
Leann Sharp of
                              Sharp Covers of Nashville             Click Picture


Tribo-Tone Tonebars
       7/8" 5.7oz             &           1"  6.3oz                       
Both Bars      3.5625 Long

I'm using this bar and there is nothing like it
Click the Bar to see  more


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Reunion Of Professional Entertainers

in Nashville Tennessee

Member of the Nashville Tennessee Steel Guitar Assoc
Formerly: North Tennessee Steel Guitar Assoc.

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Danny Hammers, Ph.D  W4MOP 
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Steel Guitar and
Other Links

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They are listed from the newest to the old the oldest
I also have several commercial sites not listed 

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